Fund Drive 2023

76% of our budget must come from donations

So, what do we do with the funds?

2022 Call Stats

  • 898 Total Incidents
  • 49 Working Structure Fires
  • 14 Vehicle Extrications
  • 94 Medical Assistance Calls

An average of 10 members were on each call.

First Due Statistics

“First due” area means that we are the fire company expected to be first to the scene in the event of an emergency to that area.

  • Around 17,500 people live in our first due

We also respond mutual aid to surrounding areas, such as the Borough of Chambersburg, Fayetteville, Marion, Waynesboro, and more, depending on the type of emergency,

About Us

We are your first responder in the event of a fire or other emergency. We have 5 fully equipped vehicles that stand ready to respond to brush fires, structure fires, floods, vehicle accidents, special rescues, and medical emergencies.

Our service helps keep taxes down by eliminating the need for a paid fire department. With your donation, the Franklin Fire Company can continue to protect you.

Our 20-year-old twin engines are due to be replaced in 2024

Per National Fire Protection Act (NFPA) standards, fire apparatus should be retired at 20 years of age. Updating our apparatus ensures we are always in-service and able to respond to emergencies quickly and with the best life-saving technology.

In 2023, just one new engine costs around $1,000,000.

Some items we completed in recent years:

Every year, we…

Each year, we spend between $20,000 and $30,000 to upgrade, replace, repair, and test our life-saving rescue equipment. We spend another $20,000 to $30,000 of money we receive from grants doing the same thing! Properly working, up-to-date equipment is crucial for us to be able to do our jobs.

More ways to support your local 100% volunteer fire department

Help us find you with a reflective address sign!

Reflective address signs are available to homeowners by donation. Call (717) 263-8600 or complete the form below to request yours.

    Upcoming Events

    Support us by attending one (or more) of our upcoming events! We would love to see you!

    Luxury Bingo – April 16th

    Bash in the Valley – September 16th

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    Franklin Fire Company

    The Franklin Fire Company has a long and proud history of serving and protecting the citizens of Chambersburg and the surrounding areas. To continue our mission, we are continually working to improve our service and effectiveness. Station 4 is also always looking for committed and highly driven individuals to join our family as firefighters or volunteers in a social setting. To learn more about opportunities to serve and joining our team, simply direct message this page or stop by our station and request a membership application.
    Franklin Fire Company
    Franklin Fire Company19 hours ago
    *Garage Fire*
    4:18pm, Engine 43, Truck 42, Squad 41, Engine 45 and surrounding companies responded to the 1500 block of LWE for a garage fire. Units arrived to find several lawnmowers and trash on fire with extension into a 10 x 20 foot garage. Engine 43 laid out and advanced a line inside the garage and extinguished fire in the attic. Engine 7-2 attacked the fire on the exterior. Truck 42 opened up the exterior. Engine 45 set up a fill site. Squad 41 and additional companies assisted with overhaul and water supply.
    Franklin Fire Company
    Franklin Fire Company2 days ago
    Yesterday just before noon, Station 4 members were hard at work training on a part of the new driver process. Yesterdays skills included engine company drafting operations and supplying the ladder truck.
    Franklin Fire Company
    Franklin Fire Company3 days ago
    🚨Working House Fire🚨

    As units were returning from a box in Mercersburg, Franklin County 911 alerted units to the 10000 block of Cardinal Drive in Letterkenny Township for a house fire. Squad 41 and Truck 42 responded on the initial alarm with 11 personnel. Engine 43 responded on the 2nd alarm. First arriving units had heavy fire showing on sides Bravo and Charlie. Due to the fire being too far advanced, units had to switch to a defensive attack. Truck 42 took the first due ladder truck position and setup ladder pipe operations. Squad 41 and Engine 43 assisted with operating hand-lines around the structure. The video below is the conditions TK42 was met with on arrival.
    Franklin Fire Company
    Franklin Fire Company
    Franklin Fire Company3 days ago
    🚨House fire🚨
    Squad 41, Truck 42, and Engine 43 are currently operating in the 10000 Block of Cardinal Dr in Letterkenny Township on a working house fire.
    Franklin Fire Company
    Franklin Fire Company3 days ago
    **Building Fire
    Truck 42 and Squad 41, with a total of 11, responded to Dollar General in the Borough of Mercersburg for a reported building fire. Initial units found a pile of trash on fire next to the building with no extension. The assignment was held to Company 9 and the first due special service, Truck 42. TK42 setup fans to ventilate smoke from the building.
    Franklin Fire Company
    Franklin Fire Company4 days ago
    🔥Brush Fire🔥
    Station 4 units responded to the corner of Saint Andrews Dr & Baltusrol Dr for a brush fire. While in route, Franklin updated incoming units that the brush fire was approximately 5ft from a house. Assistant Chief 49 requested that the house fire assignment be started as a precaution. Engine 43 and Special Unit 44 found a large grass area next to a house on fire with no extension to the house. E43 and SU44 were able to extinguish the fire and the assignment was held to STA4.

    We need volunteers!

    We welcome any and all types of help! Opportunities available include:

    • Firefighters (age 18+)
    • Live-in Firefighters (age 18+)
    • Junior Firefighters (age 14-17)
    • Fire Police
    • Fundraising and event workers
    • Administrative Assistance
    • Handymen and Maintenance Personnel
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    Volunteer memberships are declining, and volunteer fire departments are struggling to keep their companies properly staffed. We aren’t looking for heroes, just neighbors with the right attitude. For more information, email or OR, if you’re ready, apply online using the button below!